Girl meets internet

Okay, I’ll be honest: I have no idea how to write a First Blog Post. There are only so many different ways to say “Hello, world!” without sounding like an ass.

But I couldn’t just let that COMING SOON message sit there forever, because at some point SOON would come and go, and I’m no liar—I promised a blog.

(Imagine if I could skip the whole thing and go straight to the Second Blog Post. What a relief that would be!)

I guess that since it’s a First Blog Post I’m supposed to say something about what to expect from this blog of mine. However, I’m on Version 6 of this paragraph and have found myself mired in prose either overly pretentious or overly flippant each time I’ve attempted to make this whole thing sound particularly exciting (and there we go: “prose.” Hello, pretension!) so here’s the honest scoop: I’m going to talk about the stuff that interests me. That’s really all. And maybe I’ll have some cool insight sometimes, and maybe I’ll be obnoxious and offensive sometimes, and maybe it’ll open up a dialog for people to share their own passions, ideas and experiences sometimes. I would like that a lot. But no matter how it turns out, I’d be honored to have you as a reader.

Oh, and also, I have an excellent mind for trivia. So if nothing else, prepare to learn a thing or two about tropical fish and obscure punctuation marks. (Interrobang! Pilcrow! Snark!)

If you’re looking for a strictly cloudy blog, check out my work here. Otherwise, stay tuned. Now that the First Blog Post is out of the way—Yes! We did it! It was awkward! I’m sorry!—we’ve got nowhere to go but up.


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